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Summer Heat

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BEWARE. There are a lot of new products avail to help cool our pets. Many of them include types of coats, especially for dogs, that stay cool by wetting them. Why beware? Covering and/or using water on a dog’s back will contribute to containing heat. A much better plan- and generally FREE- would be to apply cool (NOT ICE COLD) water to the belly and feet, provide lots of shade and ample hydration.

BE PREPARED too. Think about taking a Pet CPR/First Aid class. The biggest attraction of this course is that you can learn how NOT to panic in the face of an emergency!


Author: pawsinharmony

This blog is being used to share helpful information about Paws In Harmony and the experience and hope for pet owners to enrich their lives and their pets' with Tellington TTouch, knowledge of Pet CPR/First Aid, Nutrition and more. Through caring for a special needs cocker spaniel, Astor, I was constantly seeking ways to support him and over the years discovered a deep calling and love of animals to offer help to others.

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